Intuitive Workflow with Clinical Integration to EMIS, SystmOne and Vision

A total Triage-ready platform designed specifically for NHS practices

Our clinical integration triage platform is not just a triage solution; it's a total Triage-ready platform designed specifically for NHS practices. Our single integrated platform streamlines patient triage, offers remote consultations via video and secure two-way messaging, and ensures you can provide the best care possible. Find out more about how it elevates your practice below.

Key Features

  1. Developed for NHS Practices - Total Triage Ready

    is tailored to meet the unique needs of NHS practices, ensuring that you're fully equipped to handle triage efficiently and effectively.
  2. Single Integrated Platform for Remote Consultations

    Conduct video consultations with patients, ensuring you can provide remote care when necessary. Our secure two-way messaging also facilitates real-time communication.
  3. Comprehensive symptom histories

    in easy-to-read narrative style reports, attachable to the EMR by the click of a button.
  4. SNOMED codes (where included)

    Attached to the record helping practices achieve QOF points and extract reports from the clinical system easily.
  5. Sophisticated Clinical Histories

    Enable patients to provide detailed clinical histories in online consultation requests, allowing healthcare professionals to make informed decisions.
  6. Flexible Video Appointments

    Offer patients the choice of a video consultation now or by appointment, making healthcare accessible on their terms.
  7. Seamless Integration with Clinical Systems

    Enjoy a click-of-a-button integration with EMIS, SystmOne, and Vision, streamlining your workflow and saving time.
  8. Intuitive Workflow

    provides an intuitive workflow for both clinicians and clerical users, making it easy to navigate and manage patient triage.
  9. Access to NHS Self-Help Information

    Patients can access NHS self-help information and local self-referral/self-care services through the platform, promoting self-care and relieving the burden on healthcare professionals.
  10. Floating Toolbar

    The floating toolbar allows practice users to access messages and workflow capabilities without leaving their clinical system environment, ensuring seamless productivity.
  11. Outbound Patient Messaging

    Send and receive images, documents, leaflets, and self-help treatment advice by SMS, email, or messaging prior to consultation, enhancing patient care.
  12. Collaboration

    Healthcare professionals can share information, seek support, advice, and guidance from specialists, reducing inappropriate referrals and improving patient outcomes.
  13. Instant Medical History (IMH) Questionnaires

    Access IMH questionnaires specific to your service needs, allowing for thorough patient assessments.
  14. Platform Accessibility

    works on any platform, whether it's a mobile device or a PC, and is available 24/7, ensuring flexibility and accessibility.

Benefits for NHS Practices

Efficient Triage

Streamline patient triage and manage consultation requests with ease.

Remote Consultations

Offer patients remote video consultations for convenient care.

Seamless Integration

Integrate with popular clinical systems for a hassle-free workflow.

Enhanced Patient Care

Provide patients with self-help resources and self-care services.


Maximize efficiency with an intuitive workflow and floating toolbar.


Foster collaboration among healthcare professionals to deliver the best care.


Access the platform on any device, 24/7, ensuring patient care is always within reach.

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